Vision, Mission & Values


Our Vision is to create a world class business environment where the Customers, Employees, Vendors, Associates and Share Holders feel an overwhelming sense of belonging and satisfaction of being part of the great business empire, built on values and trust.


Our mission is to become a global player in all our business lines, constantly striving to rediscover our strength and capability and maximize the economic and ethical satisfaction of all the stakeholders with a determination to :

  • Continuously upgrade technology in the field of production, quality and design.
  • Make use of best tools for cost reduction.
  • Attain increased levels of relationship and cooperation with our Customers, Employees and Investors.


Our core values are built on unshakable foundations of Trust, Integrity, Responsibility, and Commitment to Relationship and Quality of products marketed with uncompromising customer care.

  • Trust: We earn trust only by demonstrating trust in others. Our actions are transparent and we always deliver value to our customers.
  • Integrity: The integrity is the foundation for business dealings and growth.
  • Responsibility: We remain accountable to our commitment and accept responsibility for our actions.
  • Commitment to quality at Surana: Our dedicated team ensures the quality of highest standards in every product.
  • Customer Care: It is our firm belief that there is no substitute for this.

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