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Did you think Maxx is a one trick pony? Think again! Be more productive using inventory tracking, collaboration tools, and work estimates in Maxx. As a bonus, Maxx plays nice with various mobile and web services to meet all your business needs. Download Maxx Brochure

Post dated cheques

Just enter the cheque details with future date and Maxx will remind you when the cheque has to be deposited as well as will even post auto-receipt entries

Close deals with estimates & follow-ups

Send a lot of quotes to prospective clients? Creating and managing work estimates is just as easy as invoicing. Got the go ahead? Cha-ching! Convert that estimate into an invoice in 2 clicks.

Collaborate with other users

Managing calls with sticky notes and spreadsheets is a headache. Let Maxx be the aspirin for painless collaboration with other users.

Individual Client Wise Pricing Control

Struggling to find out what was the rate at which you supplied that specific product to the client last time? Maxx saves your time by automatically showing you all the previous supplied details of that specific product to that specific client, as and when you are invoicing. That actually provides a lot of freedom and peace of mind.

Know your accurate profits

Wanna know what have you earned today? Get accurate info on your billwise / product wise / client wise / day wise / weekly / monthly profits in clicks

Salesman Performance & Bonus Management

Which salesman is doing well? How much lead did he get? How much bonus he is eligible for? Find out all this in a single screen

Expand your possibilities with add-ons

Addon modules are here to ease your day to day tasks helping your business connect with your clients, better.

Try it for free and discover the Maxx difference. Download Maxx Brochure
Your data is backed up and secure using Maxx Cloud Storage

Ever had your laptop stolen or had your hard drive crash? Your information is always safe in Maxx' multiple cloud data storage centers. Simply signup for Maxx Cloud Storage Addon and forget the worry of your data loss.

Access from anywhere using Maxx Cloud

Using multiple computers and devices in multiple locations? Securely access your Maxx account from any online connection, free yourself to bill while you're on-site, at the cafe, or at the beach

Decision making at finger tips With Business Dashboard & 1000's Of SMART Reports

Maxx comes with a huge list of reports which can help you analyse everything about your business in all the dimensions right from top expense heads to top sales heads and help you prepare for the future.

Excellent Customer Support

No question is too big or too small. Let the Maxx team help you stay focused on your work by making sure you never suffer through any problems. Give us a call or send us an email, we love to help.

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