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Maxx Features

Maxx exploits the latest technology to provide features in a simple manner. It is a robust system that is easy to use.

Integrated Enterprise Features

    These features enable you to collaborate with other users or systems.
  • Synchronisation in Maxx helps you transfer data between two or more locations (Example: A Branch office and the head office of a company are residing in two different locations). Synchronization can be done both ways (Example: All data from the branch office gets transmitted to the Head Office and vice-versa).
  • E-mail reports and documents directly from Maxx. It is not only postage cost that you save, you save on so much of your valuable time.
  • Publish reports in HTML and share them with suppliers, customers or own staff.

Performance and Implementation Features

  • Rapid Implementation: Means nil to low start-up costs, with the lowest training requirements of any accounting system in the world! A consistent data entry interface brings you up and running in minutes.
  • Real Time Processing: Maxx updates all your books, ledgers and reports as soon as a transaction is accepted. There is no need to specifically ask for an update. Your statements are always ready with the last saved transaction!
  • Blazing Speed: the only reason you should automate your accounts is to get information FAST! Maxx outdistances all systems with its faster-than-thought performance.
  • Work on Platforms and Networks of your choice: Maxx works on all flavours of windows. The Multi-User license makes it the most cost effective way to share your information – on any network (NT/2000/XP/2003/7/2008)
  • Unlimited Companies and Periods of Accounting: Handle the accounts of more than one company (simultaneously, if desired). Compare across companies and financial periods. View information for any period (for example, 19 months). Consolidate companies stock and out standings with a single keystroke!
  • Unbelievable period End Handling: All you do at a period end is NOTHING. This unique data-driven approach of Maxx, with dynamic and automatic periods, makes it the single most important reason why your accounting should be on it.
  • Dynamic Interactive Reports and Unique Drill Down Facility: All reports are dynamic and allow further interrogation from summary to the actual transaction voucher. No report is a dull print to screen output.
  • Comprehensive Print Capabilities: Quotations, Orders, Invoices, Vouchers and Cheques. Print them all through Maxx. Choose from several default formats, or ask us to tailor to your needs.
  • Print Preview from within Maxx to view reports and their layout, prior to actual printing.

Accounting and Inventory Control Features

Maxx provides a total solution for managing your accounts and stocks. Its vast array of management reports put you on top of your operations, be it a small business or a large one or even a non-profit organisation.

Accounting Features:

  • Accounting without CODES!: The only sensible way to do accounts is to do it without account codes, just regular names. With unlimited levels of classification, which you may define at will, Maxx manages the most complex ledger systems with ease.
  • Unified Ledgers: Maxx pioneered the concept of unified ledgers where the general , sales and purchase ledgers are integrated into a single ledger and organized into groups for easy management. This concept gives tremendous reporting power with ease of data entry.
  • Complete Book-Keeping: The complete Range of book-keeping facilities! Recording of all types of transaction including Receipts, Payments, Income and Expenses, Sales and Purchases, Debit Notes, Credit Notes, Adjustment Journal, Memorandum Journal as well as Reversing journals. Transaction data Entry through unique voucher entry that is easy and flexible to configure for diverse types of transactions.
  • Comprehensive Accounting: Instantly obtain your balance sheet, Profit &Loss statement, Cash and Funds Flows, Trial Balances and others.
  • Multi-Currency Accounting: With the flexibility of multiple currencies in transactions and viewing reports in one or more currency, the fundamental criteria set out for EMU handing are met by Maxx, letting you rest assured that you are ready to meet the challenge.
  • Receivables and Payables: Dynamically allocate payments against invoices with reference to due dates. Reports are classified, grouped, and aged to your definitions. Customisable reminders, for overdues, as well as ‘Top N Reports’ - showing your good and bad paymasters!
  • Ratio Analysis: A range of key performance ratio gives you the Bird’s Eye View of your company. It is a single Sheet performance Analysis that puts you in total control of your business.
  • Unlimited Cost/ Profit Centres - with Power Project Oriented Reporting: Projects, Departments, and Marketing. Zones are just a handful of analysis criteria you can use with Maxx. With unlimited sub-classification, Maxx gives you multi-dimensional analysis and comparatives.

Inventory Features

  • Multi-Location Stock Control: Use Maxx for simple single location or complex Multi-location stocks. With the same unlimited classification systems for your items and your own units of measure.
  • Comprehensive Recording of Stock Moments: All sorts of inventory transactions can be recorded using the inventory vouchers forms that make inventory recording very easy and comprehensive. Vouchers include Goods Replacement Voucher, Delivery Challans, Stock Transfer journals, Manufacturing journal as well as physical stock journal. All stock movements are fully recorded and maintained in stock Registers.
  • Variety of Management Reports: Movement Analysis that gives party-wise details of goods bought and sold and helps identify good and bad business partners. Stock Query is a unique single sheet report that gives information on stocks at different locations as well as stock in hand of substitutes.
  • Aged Stocks Analysis - This report will identify old stocks to aid in decisions relating to their quick disposal.
  • Batch-related stock Reports like Batch-wise reports and expiry date based details will enable stock control to be exercised to the level of batches.
  • Bill of Materials to specify bill of materials for items to be produced that are automatically consumed when producing those items.
  • Re-Order Levels and minimum order quantities. Be on top of your stocks order position with the comprehensive order status reports Maxx. Specify reorder levels in absolute quantities or based on previous consumption.

Sales and Purchase Order Processing

Sales and Purchase Orders: A comprehensive facility to record orders with a complete cycle of recording and allocating them through inventory deliveries, invoicing and accounting maintaining the trail right through! Single sheet reports give current stocks, order due for delivery, order due for receipt, shortfalls (if any). Get party- wise or item – wise details of orders outstanding and/or fulfilled.

Branded Invoicing

Sales invoices are produced directly from Maxx. Print, Export, E-mail or publish them. It is a very comprehensive invoicing system that allows flexible handling of charges and taxes. The invoice format is available in different formats and you could adopt them as your own or have a completely different layout designed with your company logo embedded on it!

Books and Register for any period

  1. Cash Book
  2. Bank Book
  3. Multi-Column Cash Book
  4. Sales Register
  5. Sales Return Register
  6. Purchase Register
  7. Purchase Return Register
  8. Journal Register

Group / Ledger Details for any Period

  1. Trial Balance (Opening, Transaction and Closing Balance OR any combination)
  2. Group Summary (Opening, Transaction and Closing Balance OR any combination)
  3. Group Voucher
  4. Ledger Monthly Summary
  5. Ledger Voucher Details

Accounting Statements

  1. Accounts Receivables (Both Bill-wise and Age-wise)
  2. Accounts Payables (Both Bill-wise and Age-wise)
  3. Cost Centre and Profit Centre
  4. Cost Category Summary
  5. Interest Calculation
  6. Bank Reconciliation Statement
  7. Daily Transaction Statement

Final Accounts Report

  1. Balance Sheet (Both Vertical and Horizontal)
  2. Trading and Profit and Loss Account
  3. Cash Flow
  4. Fund Flow

Inventory Reports

  1. Stock Summary (Opening, Inward, Outward and Closing Balance OR any combination
  2. Godown Summary (Opening, Transaction and Closing Balance OR any combination)
  3. Stock Movement Analysis (Party-wise Product and Product-wise Party Analysis)
  4. Stock Category, Stock Group & Stock Transfer Analysis
  5. Re-order Level
  6. Consumption and Production Statement
  7. Stock Query
  8. Batch related Stock Reports
  9. Sales and Purchase Order Processing
  10. Price List with Multi Price Levels

Analytical Report

  1. Ratio Analysis
  2. Budget with Variance Analysis
  3. Party Payment Analysis
  4. Stock Movement Analysis – for Party-wise / Item-wise / Stock Group-wise
  5. Stock Age Analysis
  6. Profitability Analysis – Stock Group-wise / Stock Item-wise / Invoice-wise / Location-wise

Other Accounting Features and Facility

  1. No Codes required
  2. Voucher, Envelopes and Cheque Printing
  3. Order, Challan and Invoice Printing
  4. Unlimited Companies
  5. Multiple Companies and Financial Years
  6. Unlimited Classification of Accounts Heads
  7. Credit Control
  8. Audit and Security Control
  9. Consolidation of Companies
  10. Columnar Report
  11. Post Dated Voucher

Other Inventory Features and Facilities

  1. Bill of Materials with Auto Adjustment of Stock
  2. Physical Stock Verification
  3. Separate Actual and Billed Quantity Columns
  4. Stock Query by Stock Group or Stock Category
  5. Multiple Stock Valuation Method
  6. Additional Cost incurred on Purchase
  7. Discount Column in Invoicing

Other Additional Features

  • Job Costing
  • Project Cost, Revenue & Materials to jobs
  • Project-wise Inventory Report
  • Generation of Project –wise Income / Expenditure statement

POS Invoicing

  • Invoice Printing in continuous mode
  • Invoice Printing on 40 column paper
  • Faster data entry and calculation
  • Barcode Support
  • Batch Support
  • Multi – Mode payment Support
  • Integrated with Accounts and Inventory

Decimal Point Options

Maintain currencies as well as units of measure up to 4 decimal places

Multi-Currency Accounting

  • Maintain your Books of Accounts in your bases currency
  • Avail flexibility of multiple Currencies in transaction
  • View all reports in one or more currency

Data Synchronization

  • Centralize your accounting system
  • Consolidate all branch reports
  • Stay in touch with all your branch offices

Flexible Financial Periods

  • Maintain accounts for the financial Period of your choice
  • Generate reports for any desired financial period or duration


  • Auto Calculation of Salaries
  • Pay slip Generation
  • Leave Management
  • Loan / Advance Management
  • Expat Employee Processing with Expiry Reports
  • Generate Gratuity Report
  • Arrears Management

Technology Advantages of Maxx

  • Data Reliability
  • Data Security
  • Maxx Audit
  • Maxx Vault
  • User Defined Security Level
  • Unlimited Multi-User Support
  • Email Reports
  • Print Preview

Advanced Features

  • Advanced Point Of Sale (POS)
  • Serial Number Tracking
  • Detailed Commission Tracking - On Sales, Item Wise
  • Commission calculation by Agent
  • Depreciation Calculation
  • Unlimited Item Attributes
  • Smart List & Pivot Report (Business Intelligence Reporting)
  • Attractive Charts
  • Set Default Printer for a Voucher Type
  • Transaction / Item / Ledger History Reports
  • Copy As... feature for faster product creation
  • Single Click generation of Invoice from Order
  • Auto-Backup of data
  • Year-wise Data Backup and Restore
  • User Definable Access Rights for Every Screen - Right to access Create, Alter, Delete, Print
  • Data Freezing
  • SMS Integration & Reminders
  • Petty Cash Management
  • Expenses Management / Tracking
  • Points System for Loyal Customers
  • Scheme Setup With Date Period Applicability
  • Dealer Wise Discount Setup
  • Salesman Wise Incentive Calculation
  • Previous Sales / Purchase Rate History Tracking Product Wise
  • Branch Inward / Branch Outward Inventory Management & Tracking
  • Emailing Of Reports / Invoices in PDF Format

Letter and Printing

  • Reminder Letters to Party and C Form Receivables reminders
  • Letters of Confirmation of Accounts
  • DOS printing of all Report
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