Corporate Responsibility

MBS has always adopted a sustainable approach to business. We are aware that growth is inextricably linked to the well being of our ecosystem - employees and business partners, local communities and the environment. As the world gets flatter, we have a larger responsibility to achieve a sustainable tomorrow.

Our sustainability policy guides interactions with stakeholders and influences day-to-day actions. As a responsible corporate citizen, we collaborate with customers and governments to develop sustainable solutions and governance frameworks. We engage with the United Nations Global Compact for coordinated action towards sustainable development.

Every year, we publish a Sustainability Report based on the guidelines of the Global Reporting Initiative. The reports focus on our activities - business-as-usual as well as beyond business - and share our progress in the pursuit of sustainable growth. The report for 2009-2010 delineates our sustainability agenda in three areas:

Social Contract

We are committed to an equitable society. Our employees make a difference by taking up social causes in healthcare, education, art and culture, rural rehabilitation and inclusive growth.Read

Resource Efficiency

We are responsible consumers of energy and natural resources. Our long-term vision is to become water sustainable. We are reducing our ecological impact even as we grow our global operations.Read

Green Innovation

We develop sustainable solutions to reduce the carbon footprint of our customers. We combine sustainability with engineering to develop smart and green products. Read

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